Papo & Yo

Acting as a metaphor for addiction and escaping a hard reality through imagination, this depressing, though poignant game combines environmental manipulation and AI interaction to create a story-driven puzzle experience.

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Papo & Yo (pronounced "Papo y Yo") was developed by Canadian studio Minority, with Vander Caballero as creative director. It is a direct allegory for Vander Cabellero's childhood and his father's alcoholism.Papa & Yo is mostly based in an imaginary world created by Quico to understand his reality, however parts of real world make their way into the game as the story progresses. This is a puzzle platformer game in which a large part is learning to harness Monsters emotions, including his addiction to frogs.

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  • Название:
  • Papo & Yo
  • Дата релиза:
  • 2012.08.14
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