So Sakura: Winter Glamour
Hoping to look fresh and fabulous this winter? The Sakura girls will teach you how...
So Sakura: Back to School
Autumn is here—what should the Sakura girls wear for their first day of classes?
So Sakura: Summer Vacation
Join Emma, Charlie and Luna as they help their friend get ready for a totally awesome trip to the coast
Easter Girl Makeover
She wants to look her best for the holiday but that’s gonna require a quick makeover and a new outfit….
My Geeky Boyfriend’s Makeover
From geeky to gorgeous in just a few simple steps!
Pretty Nurse Makeover
It’s a style emergency! This nurse needs a makeover. NOW!
So Sakura: Dark Princess
Step into the So Sakura salon for a delightfully dark new look!
Winter Fox
Help this foxy cutie get ready for a fun afternoon in the snow.
City Style: Valentine’s Day
This couple is getting ready for the big day. Help them prep!
Popstar Girl Facial
Popstars get blemishes too, so get your facial kit ready and turn this spotlet into a starlet.
T-Show Fashion Style
Got time for a makeover? This model wants to look totally fab for her upcoming fashion show.
Sweet Catgirl Makeover
This season, it’s all about feline fashion. Miaow!
10 Going On 25
This girl is about to go on a magical time-travelling adventure. What will she find out about her future?
So Sakura: Christmas
Get your winter beauty tips from the experts for a fab and festive look this Christmas!
The Ugly Princess
Help this royal misfit with a makeover so she can become a very pretty princess.
From Ugly to Pretty
Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.
The Hunger Games Makeover
The battle is about to begin...and you know The Capitol craves tributes with good fashion sense.
So Sakura: Movie Star
These Hollywood beauticians could really use a hand with their latest client.
Antonio: Professional Make-Up Artist
Antonio is overbooked and needs a talented stylist to help out at the salon. Think you can handle it?
Hair Expert
Hairdressing is an art! Learn from the best to become a salon master.
All About Strawberry
Help this berry cool girl look her best with an amazing makeover.
Hair Expert 2
Join Georgio in his salon and learn more about what it takes to become a professional stylist.
All About Strawberry
This girl knows a berry cool way to look berrylicious.
See the Light
Design a magical kingdom for the prince and his lovely bride.
Office Makeover
Working in an office needn't be drab: add some fashion sparkle and it's fab!
Decorate Your School Board
Design a super cute whiteboard that will look totally awesome on the first day of school.
Cute Student Makeover
This student has a major fashion emergency, and the first day of class is coming up quick! Can you help?
Classroom Decoration
Yikes! This classroom could really use a makeover. Grab a paintbrush and get to work.
Summer Girl Hairstyle Maker
Put your salon skills to the test and create an awesome hairdo for this sun-loving cutie.
Save My Prom
FASHION EMERGENCY!!! Help this high-school girl get ready for prom tonight.
Antonio's Professional Make-Up
Pick up some pro make-up tips from Antonio's popular salon!
Hair Expert 2
Wonder what it’s like to work in a luxurious salon? Let Georgio take you on a tour.
Hair Expert
So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!
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