Snap the Shape: Japan
It’s spring in the Land of the Rising Sun. Take a seat under the sakura trees and try out this puzzle game.
Amigo Pancho 5: Artic & Peru
Pancho is heading off on another whirlwind journey. Can you help keep him safe?
Fancy Diver 2
Return to the sea in style and find out how fast you can get these divers back to their inner tubes.
Snail Bob 8
Bob’s back—and this time he’s stranded on an island! Watch out for cannibals…
Blocks Family
This geometric family is a bit square but they’re a lot of fun too.
Seashell Queen Christmas Edition 2
The quizzical queen is back with another round of puzzles. How fast can you divide these seashells?
Seashell Queen: Christmas Edition
Join the marvelous undersea monarch for a fun Christmas puzzle challenge.
X-Mas Friends
Match up all of these magical elves as quickly as you can.
Sliding Cubes
Can you put these crazy cubes in all the right spots?
Totem Shift: Episode 1
Can you match up all of these tricky totems?
Puzzle Ball
The clock is ticking. Can you get this ball into the hole before time runs out?
Salt Monsters
These monsters are a little bit salty, but you can probably handle ‘em…
Pool Puzzle
It’s all about forces in this crazy pool physics puzzle game!
Lazy Hippo
Being lazy is hard work. Help Felix the holidaying hippo stay hydrated in this tricky puzzler.
Chainy Chisai
These puny warriors are pretty pesky. Blow them all up as quickly as you can.
Aqua Friends
Got a sec? These shy squids could use some help breaking the ice...
Happy Faces
Nothing puts these silly shapes in a bad mood like getting stacked too high. Can you keep them happy?
Juicy Stack 2
The jellies are back for another exciting series of stacking challenges.
Here’s looking at you! Match the eye-boggling Moosters to win the game!
Through the Cave: Episode 2
Join the wizard on another magical quest through a cave filled with tons of icky monsters.
Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
Bob was up late reading fairy tales. Now his dreams are filled with dragons and wizards...
Through the Cave: Episode 1
This crafty wizard is going to need every trick in the book to get out of this cave in one piece.
Crystal Cubes
Every shape has its place in this Tetris-style take on tangram puzzles.
Snail Bob 2 HTML5
A dangerous forest stands behind Snail Bob and his grandpa's birthday party! Can he make it through?
Harvest Honors
This strategic multiplayer Match-3 game is fertile grounds for cultivating your competitive spirit!
Mysterious Pirate Jewels
The secret of this puzzling pirate booty is: where like meets like, there's magic to be found!
Barnyard Scramble
Get ready for a wild time down on the farm.
Lolly Balls
Sink your teeth into this super sweet game.
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